The Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture offers multiple opportunities for off campus study and travel for students.

1. Term Abroad Program. The Term Abroad Program is designed to provide students with a full semester of studying abroad, under the direction of one or more NDSU faculty, hosted by an in-country organization (i. e., with a home base for study). In 2009 NDSU students completed a Term Abroad Program (TAP) in Barcelona, Spain ; in 2010, students were in Jaipur, India for in inter-disciplinary TAP semester; and in 2011 architecture and landscape architecture students were in Blois and Lille, France.   In 2012, there were 23 architecture students based in Lille, France under the direction of Dr. Paul Gleye, and 12 landscape architecture students based in Angiers, France under the direction of Prof. Kathleen Pepple.

This year (2013), architecture students are in Antwerp, Belgium, under the direction of Dr. Paul Gleye,  It is anticipated that in the spring of 2014, a group of landscape architecture students will be located in Ghent, Belgium.

Group photo of students on India term abroad.

2. International and North American Summer Study.  An international or North American-based seminar that can be taken as a stand-alone session, or as one of a number of summer study offerings, located both within and outside of the United States. The program is designed to introduce students to a select group of countries, or a particular city or place, with the purpose of expanding their understanding and knowledge of place, culture, architecture and landscape architecture.

During Spring Break 2013, students traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  In the summers of 2011 and 2012, students traveled to Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Spain.

Students visiting Bruder Klaus Chapel in Wachendorf, Germany.

Students at the New National Gallery by Mies van der Rohe in Berlin, Germany.

Students walking through building in Japan.

Students investigating traditional Japanese gate.

Student looking across bay in Rio, Brazil.
Students at Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia, Brazil.

3. Independent International Study (ISEP Exchange Programs). NDSU maintains standing agreements with several international universities as part of an active ISEP arrangement administered through the Office of International Programs (OIP). Other programs can sometimes be arranged based on individual student interest. Within the past 20 years, NDSU architecture students have successfully completed international exchange studies in Australia, Thailand, China, India, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. A complete list of schools and countries that NDSU has agreements with can be found at the Office of International Programs NDSU Study Abroad Exchange Programs page.