Through the generosity of alumni, friends, and professional organizations, the Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture is able to award a number of scholarships and awards to its students:


  • John Klai: Klai Scholars, Arch or LA Senior year; award; $4,000

  • Harlyn Thompson Travel Scholarship Award, Arch / LA, Senior year; $4000

  • Kristi Hanson Study Abroad Scholarship (Term Abroad), Arch or LA, Senior Year; $2,500

  • Dan and Ann Noble Endowed Scholarship, Arch, Sophomore, Junior, Senior; $2000

  • Zerr Berg Scholarship, $1000

  • AIA North Dakota Scholarship, Arch, 3 awards; $1000 each

  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture Scholarship, Arch/LA, Senior year; $650

  • ASLA Great Plains Chapter Scholarship, LA Junior / Senior year; $500

  • JLG Scholarship, Arch, Senior year; $500

  • EAPC Scholarship, Arch, Junior year; $400

  • Patrick Edward Germ Memorial Scholarship, Arch, Sophomore year; $400

  • Toy Farmer – Third Year Scholarship, LA, Junior year; $318

  • Toy Farmer - Fourth Year Scholarship, LA, Senior year; $318

  • Byron L. Berntson Memorial Scholarship, Arch or LA, Sophomore, Junior, Senior; $290

  • Hugh L. McMath Scholarship, Arch, Sophomore year; $230

  • Knute A. Henning Memorial Scholarship, Arch or LA, Senior year; $215

  • Friends of Landscape Architecture Scholarship, LA, Sophomore year; $200


  • Peter F. McKenzie Memorial Thesis Award,Arch, Thesis; $1,000

  • Dennis Colliton Memorial Thesis Award, LA Thesis; $150

  • Albert Levering Drawing Prize, Arch or LA drawings; $500

  • Studio Mentor Award Arch, Arch or LA