What is a Building Dashboard?

A Building Dashboard is a monitoring system for buildings, installed to collect data from environmental control systems and display its findings on a user-friendly interface. The Renaissance Hall Building Dashboard's interface is showcased on a monitor located in the entrance lobby of Renaissance Hall.

How does it engage with NDSU?

The kiosk for the monitor was designed and built by alumni Nicholas Lippert and Tyler Pritchard, who won a competition held among students and voted for by peers, faculty and staff. The Building Dashboard interface showcases relevant data for the understanding of Renaissance Hall's building systems and was designed by graduate research assistants Peter Atwood and Gabriela Baierle during Spring 2012.

The Building Dashboard has been an ongoing research project since 2011, coordinated by professors Bakr Aly Ahmed, Mike Christenson and David Crutchfield, with funding from a NDSU Technology Access Fees Grant.

Click to view the Renaissance Hall Building Dashboard.

(Compatible with browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.)

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